Spring is in the air and ants are on the move

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At The Bug Man, we want to equip you with as much information as we can on how to keep your home pest free.

Here’s your latest installment of Bug Basics. Follow these tips to help your pest control professional better protect your home. Pest Control - Ants More here

Inside Pest Control Tips:

* If you spill something, clean it up. That ketchup on your kitchen table that fell off your corn dog last week is singing, “Come to me, ants. I have succulent sweetness for you to devour. Invite your friends. It’s a party!”

* Regularly take out the trash. Keep this task on your chore list, folks. It is important.

* Before you throw jars and containers into the trash that you just vowed to take out with devoted diligence, rinse them out. This applies to containers in your trash and in your recycling bin.

* Pick up and store Fluffy’s/Fido’s food before you go to bed. Unfortunately, you may have to train your furry friend that they cannot graze on their food all night long. Much like your corn dog’s spilled ketchup, pet food attracts ants.

Outside Pest Control Tips:

* Seal your doors and windows. Not only will this help with your house’s draftiness, it’ll keep bugs out too.

* Clean those rain gutters! This declarative sentence reminds us of the line, “Get those nail breakers!” in the classic 90s movie Ladybugs, starring Rodney Dangerfield. Hey, we’re a bug company. Of course we’re going to reference a bug-themed movie every once in awhile. If you have no idea what we’re talking about (or if you do and you love that movie), watch this YouTube clip.

* Trim the trees and shrubs near your house. Ants will use tree limbs and bush branches like a bridge to march right into your house. Imagine it as a sophisticated ant interstate. You could call it I-ANT40.

* Store firewood off the ground and away from your house. As you sit by your fireplace enjoying the evening and the ambiance, you don’t want ants sitting there with you, enjoying it too.

You may not know this, but most do-it-yourself pest treatments that you buy at a store actually hinder the pest removal effort because they repel bugs. Instead of killing the bugs, they just cause the pest to move locations, ultimately leading to more damage in the home.

If you find ants in your home, give us a call or visit our website.

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Six people were injured and two were dead on the spot during the random shoot attack in Houston. Besides, a helicopter got struck when a gunman was shooting by using a highly powerful rifle. The police officials told that the gunman was shooting randomly and cleared the spot to injury and dead within few minutes. It was an unexpected incident. One bystander and one suspect were two people who died on the spot.

Two constables and four people were injured severely. Martha Montalvo, who is the Houston Police Chief, told that both officers are recovering and at present discharged from the hospital. One of the constables suffered due to the wound in the hand. Another constable was shot exactly on the bullet proof vest.

The authorities told that the scene was chaotic. The police officials told the gas pump got struck when the shooting exploded in flames. Along with this, a helicopter that came to help was knocked out with five bullets. The officials report the leading news channels that they asked for bomb squad to check the entire area to find out suspicious item. Two police cruisers and other cars in the street were shot. One of the photos of the police official’s cruiser showed dozen bullet holes on the hood and in the windshield. Authorities initially doubted on two people. Both of them were not still identified clearly. One of the suspects was injured at the shooting spot and hospitalized. Another suspect was seen dead at the shooting scene.

John Cannon, who is the spokesman of Houston Police, told that the suspect who is dead is the main shooter of the scene. He was seen active shooting the people. He had weapons like AR-15-type and a pistol.

When briefing the incident on Sunday afternoon, Cannon told that he was not sure whether the two men knew each other. He is also doubtful to claim that the injured person as a suspect. Cannon added that he did not what their role was and why they attempted to shot. He also told that he has commented to police officials what was happening in the scene. He did not know what was happening but was one among the shooting spot.

Cannon told that the man came out of the car after parking. When the suspect came out, another man started to shoot him without any reason. He was shot dead on the spot. Three people were wounded and there were adults. They did not have any life-threatening injuries. Bryon Wilson was one among them. He was shot in a shoulder and in both legs. It was reported by mother of Bryon Wilson. Denise Slaughter is another victim. She was travelling to have her brunch and she had heard the shots.

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Weird Weather Form Turns U.S. Upside Down

The weather pattern in the United States is totally upside down. It has occurred during the holiday season. In the northeast, spring-like warmth has surprised the people. The west is covered with snow and the south is facing chances of tornadoes. It has reported that even ski slopes were overwhelmed.

There are mild conditions recorded on East Coast. It has served golf courses along the New England north-eastern states to carry out a brisk business. They are possible to reap the expense of snow-covered ski resorts that has remained closed.

The majority of Americans are grouchy and say that they do not feel like normal holidays. They are not able to see any chillness in the air. It does not even give them a holiday feel. They do not seem to be happy with the weather condition. It has disappointed especially during the holiday season. They will not be happier at the scene of the temperatures prediction on Thursday that is Christmas Eve.

It was reported that Boston and New York City will reach temperature of 21c. Washington DC, capital of the nation can climb more than 23c. There are chances for the temperature to climb higher more than mentioned here.

The National Weather Service of the United States, lead forecaster – Bob Oravec told that it is the snow season from Rockies to Northern Sierras and Cascades and whereas on the East Coast the situation is totally opposite.

In the Washington state, the officials have closed the major east-west route that is the Interstate 90 above the Cascade Mountains. It was repeatedly close because of chances of avalanche and heavy snowfall risks.

On Sunday, due to a severe storm Mount Ashland ski region of Oregon was completely closed. It was knocked out of power.

Three snowmobilers have been buried on Sunday close to the state line of Montana Wyoming due to an avalanche. Besides, a sky patrol worker was buried partially due to avalanche. He was buried at the Salt Lake City near the Snow basin report. Two snowboarders were trapped on Saturday in a slide of backcountry that is Breckenridge Ski region of South West.

California is said to experience the driest in the last four years of record. Meanwhile, northern Alabama, Arkansas, Western Tennessee and northern Mississippi have all remained on tornado watch throughout this week. In late December, tornado was not seen in this region. However the weather was extreme and remained unusual throughout.