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National park

Yosemite National Park is California recently reopened one campground. But the park is again shut down since a girl from Los Angeles has caught plague from the park. The officials told that the child is recovering. The Crane Flat campground of the park remains shut for almost four nights. The teams treated the fleas by using rodent burrows. The health department of California told that they reopened the park on Friday and treated for fleas.

It was announced that the Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows Campground will remain closed from Monday to Friday the following week. The department officials told they are mainly closing for the treatment since two dead squirrels have found to carry plague. It was seen in the park. Though it is an unusual and rare disease, it is low risk to humans. Chief Medical Officer of California- Dr. Smith told that it is important to safeguard the public from deadly and dangerous disease. The fleas should be eliminated to control all kinds of infections and diseases.

He added that when the fleas is eliminated, it can easily decrease the chance of human exposure. The rodent’s cycle can be easily broken at all the sites. People can safeguard themselves from infection. They have to avoid contact or interaction with wild rodents. The department told as the treatment is done on the fast manner, the risk is low. The treatment is carried out with lot of caution around. In the United States, plague infection is rare.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told that they see an approximate of seven cases of plague every year. It can be easily treated by taking antibiotics. The patients should be diagnosed and taken for treatment in early time.

In the beginning of this month, officials told that an unidentified adult has passed away due to plague. Another official told that a Colorado boy who is 16-year-old passed away from plague last June. He had developed hard to treat and unusual septicemic condition.

Moreover, two other people from Colorado who was affected with plague earlier this year were given treatment. They have recovered from the infection. It is also doubted that a dog has carried and spread the infection. The Department of Health of New Mexico told that a woman who was 52 years old died in July most probably because of plague.

Common symptoms of plague include chills, nausea, severe headache and a sudden fever. It almost shows symptoms like flu. It should be immediately diagnosed for treatment. The patient should not treat or assume the condition just like a normal fever. It is said that people in middle age group experienced several pandemics because of this bacterial infection. Yersinia pestis is the scientific name of the bacteria that causes the disease. It is commonly referred as plague.