Retainers are of many types- like plastic retainers. But I chose Hawley Retainer because the metal is very thin and it provides much better grip than any other retainers known.

One of the best features of these retainers are they are way better than permanent retainers. They provide near the same result, but they are removable and thus flossing is not a headache for me anymore.


SinceI can remove them to floss,  I can keep my mouth cleaner more easily.  I learned from the orthodontist how to remove and then put back them in my mouth again.

Unlike me, if one does not want the removable ones for them, than the fixed braces are available . I preferred the removable ones because it was easy for me to deal with them.

Clear Retainers after Braces are vital personalized tools that assist in keeping your teeth in position subsequent to any process of realigning your teeth or dental surgery. These clear retainers are normally made up of clear plastic or wires. I found in my own personal experience these quality dental apparatus effective helps in keeping my teeth in position after the braces were removed.

A look at the reviews of some of the Clear Retainers after Braces

Clear Orthodontic Retainer Upper plus Lower

This is one of the excellent Clear Retainers after Braces. This is an easy to handle dental tool that works to keep your teeth in position.

Some of the significant aspects of this retainer

Comes with lower & upper retainers

Has a clear thin clear retainer of 1 mm thickness.


Professionally manufactured in a laboratory environment.

Supervised by dentist while manufacturing.

The retainers are made up of strong plastic and aptly fit onto your teeth.

It is moderately noticable

Quick and prompt door delivery


Vacuum-formed retainers

The Vacuum-formed or Essix retainers are translucent Clear Retainers after Braces which can aptly fit above your teeth’s whole arch. Akin to the Invisalign trays, no wires are found on the Essix retainers. These devices are cheap and simple to wear. It can be also utilized for other treatment such as movement of teeth and bridges.


These retainers are fairly recognizable

In the mandible proton, the retainer is capable of preserving your anterior teeth for a one year retention period.


No major disadvantages found

Hawley retainer

The Essix retainers are nothing but wonderful Clear Retainers after Braces. It comprises of a metal wire that normally encloses the 6 front teeth and holds them intact. It derives its name from its founder Charles Hawley. The Hawley bow or the labial wire integrates the two omega loops for modification. This retainer is fastened to an acrylic arch and it rests on the mouth’s roof (palate).


Easy to build

Manufactured in a laboratory under clean and hygienic condition.

One of the unique benefits of the retainer is you can adjust the metal wire to complete the cure and carry on the anterior tooth negligible movement whenever required.

It can be detached for flossing, brushing and for communal causes.

It can be easily customized so as to facilitate in quick completion of the treatment.


Based on the patient obedience, the success varies.

Thermo-formed retainer

The Thermo-formed retainers are another type of Clear Retainers after Braces. It is also called as Zendura retainers. This translucent or clear retainer aptly fits onto your teeth’s complete arch. It has an exceptional stress recreation confrontation, robustness & power aspects.


Has enhanced clarity and pressure retention

Manufactured utilizing the most sophisticated technology

Manufactured under laboratory conditions.

Produced under the guidance of an expert dentist.

It fits smoothly and comfortably fits onto your teeth.

It is moderately visible


No major defects found.


In general Clear Retainers after Braces are wonderful tools in enhancing your facial outlook.

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The Many Benefits of Braces

Better appearance of teeth, smile and face, improved self-esteem, confidence, well-being and feeling of acceptance

A more even bite

Easier to clean teeth

Reduce risk of injury to protruding front teeth

Improve growth in a positive manner

Correct harmful habits

Better jaw alignment, proportion and function

Mirror Test Your Smile:

Look at your smile or your child’s smile in a mirror. If you see the warning signs of a bad bite, we can help you. Give our offices a call!
Top front teeth protrude or are “bucked”
Top front teeth cover more than 25% of the bottom front teeth when the back teeth are biting together
Top front teeth grow in behind the bottom front teeth
A weak chin or a prominent chin
A space exists between the top and bottom front teeth with the back teeth biting together
Crowded, overlapped, misplaced teeth or extra teeth
Some teeth don’t meet at all
Baby teeth falling out too early or very late
The centers of the top and bottom front teeth don’t line up
Often biting the cheek or roof of the mouth
Finger sucking or tongue sucking habit continuing after 6 years of age old
Difficulty chewing or biting with teeth that don’t meet evenly on both sides
Teeth wearing unevenly
Jaws that shift off center when the teeth bite together
Excessive spaces between teeth that persist after the top permanent canine teeth appear
Embarrassing teeth or smile often hidden by hands

What Makes Our Offices Special:

You are seen on time. We know your time is valuable.

You see the same orthodontist each month who knows what was done at your last visit and what you need next.

You receive personal attention from our orthodontist. We don’t deliver your care in assembly line fashion. We take enormous pride in the relationships we build with our patients and families.

We don’t take shortcuts when planning your treatment. We advise complete diagnostic tests (x-rays, photos and impressions of the teeth) at your consultation when treatment is indicated. There is no substitute for having all the diagnostic information. A lack of information can lead to improper treatment. orthodontics

You are offered a choice of many payment options. You don’t even have to write a check because we can do it automatically for you if you desire.

You receive care in a stable practice. The same orthodontist, in the same locations for more than 14 years.

Your treatment is “state of the art”. Computer video imaging, cavity fighting adhesives, latex-free elastics and space age low force wires are all available.

Consultation Reservations:
If you would like to request a consultation reservation with with our Orthodontist, please call us. You may also use our internet orthodontic reservation form and receive our internet special offer.

Braces today, your smile will follow!